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Stock Photography Subject List

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Frog, Crawfish
Frog, Green
Frog, Illinois Chorus
Frog, Northern Cricket
Frog, Rio Grande Leopard
Frog, Southern Leopard
Frog, Wood
Newt, Eastern
Peeper, Spring
Salamander, Cave
Salamander, Four-toed
Salamander, Long-tailed
Salamander, Marbled
Salamander, Mole
Salamander, Slimy
Salamander, Small-mouthed
Salamander, Spotted
Salamander, Tiger
Salamander, Zigzag
Salamanders, Group of
Spadefoot, Eastern
Toad, American
Treefrog, Bird-voiced
Treefrog, Gray
Treefrog, Green

Birds (* Includes nest, eggs, or nestlings)
Albatross, Black-browed*
Albatross, Wandering
Backyard Birds, Group of
Barn-Owl, Common*
Bird Attracting, & Landscaping
Bird Feeders & Seed
Bird Houses & Nest Boxes
Bird Research & Rehabilitation
Bird Watchers & Equipment
Bird, Secretary
Bittern, American
Bittern, Least*
Blackbird, Brewer's*
Blackbird, Red-winged*
Blackbird, Rusty
Blackbird, Yellow-headed
Bluebird, Eastern*
Bluebird, Mountain*
Bluebird, Western
Bobwhite, Northern
Bunting, Indigo*
Bunting, Lazuli
Bunting, Painted
Bunting, Snow
Buzzard Eagle, Black-chested
Caracara, Crested
Cardinal, Northern*
Catbird, Gray*
Chachalaca, Plain
Chat, Yellow-breasted*
Chickadee, Carolina*
Chickadee, Mountain
Collared-Dove, Eurasian
Coot, American*
Cordon-bleu, Red Cheeked
Cormorant, Brandt's*
Cormorant, Double-crested
Cowbird, Bronzed
Cowbird, Brown-headed*
Crane, Sandhill
Crane, Whooping
Crossbill, Red
Crow, American
Cuckoo, Yellow-billed*
Curlew, Long-billed
Dipper, American*
Dove, Inca
Dove, Mourning*
Dove, White-tipped
Dove, White-winged
Dowitcher, Long-billed
Dowitcher, Short-billed
Duck, American Black
Duck, Falklands Flightless Steamer*
Duck, Masked
Duck, Mottled
Duck, Ring-necked
Duck, Ruddy
Duck, Wood*
Eagle, Bald*
Eagle, Golden
Eagle, Martial
Egret, Cattle*
Egret, Great*
Egret, Reddish
Egret, Snowy
Eider, Common
Falcon, Peregrine
Finch, Cassin's
Finch, House*
Finch, Purple
Flamingo, Greater
Flicker, Northern*
Flycatcher, Acadian*
Flycatcher, Ash-throated
Flycatcher, Great-crested*
Flycatcher, Least
Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed
Flycatcher, Vermillion
Gallinule, Purple
Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray*
Goldeneye, Common*
Golden-Plover, American*
Goldfinch, American*
Goose, Canada*
Goose, Greater White-fronted
Goose, Ross's
Goose, Snow
Goshawk, Eastern Pale Chanting
Goshawk, Northern
Grackle, Boat-tailed
Grackle, Common*
Grackle, Great-tailed
Grebe, Eared
Grebe, Pied-billed
Grebe, Western*
Grosbeak, Black-headed
Grosbeak, Blue*
Grosbeak, Evening
Grosbeak, Rose-breasted
Grosbeak, Yellow
Ground-Dove, Common
Grouse, Sharp-tailed
Guillemot, Pigeon
Gull, California
Gull, Franklin's*
Gull, Glaucous
Gull, Glaucous-winged
Gull, Herring
Gull, Laughing
Gull, Ring-billed
Gull, Ross's
Gull, Western*
Harrier, Northern*
Hawk, Broad-winged*
Hawk, Cooper's
Hawk, Ferruginous
Hawk, Harris'
Hawk, Red-shouldered
Hawk, Red-tailed
Hawk, Sharp-shinned
Hawk, Swainson's
Heron, Great Blue*
Heron, Green
Heron, Little Blue
Heron, Tricolored
Hummingbird, Black-chinned
Hummingbird, Broad-billed
Hummingbird, Broad-tailed
Hummingbird, Magnificent
Hummingbird, Ruby-throated*
Ibis, Glossy
Ibis, Scarlet
Ibis, White
Ibis, White-faced
Jaeger, Parisitic
Jay, Blue*
Jay, Florida Scrub
Jay, Gray
Jay, Green
Jay, Mexican
Junco, Dark-eyed
Kestrel, American*
Kingbird, Couch's
Kingbird, Eastern*
Kingbird, Western*
Kingfisher, Belted
Kiskadee, Great
Kite, Mississippi
Kite, Snail
Knot, Red
Lark, Horned*
Loon, Pacific
Magpie, Black-billed
Martin, Purple*
Meadowlark, Eastern*
Meadowlark, Long-tailed
Meadowlark, Western
Merganser, Common
Merganser, Hooded
Merganser, Red-breasted
Mockingbird, Northern*
Moorhen, Common*
Murre, Common*
Nighthawk, Common*
Night-Heron, Black-crowned*
Night-Heron, Yellow-crowned
Nutcracker, Clark's
Nuthatch, Red-breasted
Nuthatch, White-breasted*
Oriole, Altamira
Oriole, Baltimore*
Oriole, Bullock's
Oriole, Hooded
Oriole, Orchard*
Oriole, Scott's
Owl, Barred*
Owl, Burrowing
Owl, Great Horned*
Owl, Long-eared
Owl, Northern Saw-Whet
Owl, Short-eared*
Owl, Snowy
Owl, Spotted
Oystercatcher, American
Oystercatcher, Magellanic
Pelican, American White
Pelican, Brown
Penguin, Adelie
Penguin, Chinstrap*
Penguin, Emperor
Penguin, Gentoo*
Penguin, King
Penguin, Macaroni
Penguin, Rockhopper*
Phalarope, Red-necked
Phalarope, Wilson's
Pheasant, Ring-necked*
Phoebe, Eastern*
Pintail, Northern
Pipit, American
Plover, Piping*
Plover, Semipalmated*
Prairie-Chicken, Greater*
Prairie-Chicken, Lesser
Ptarmigan, White-tailed
Ptarmigan, Willow
Puffin, Atlantic
Puffin, Tufted
Quail, Gambel's
Quail, Scaled
Rail, Clapper
Rail, King
Rail, Virginia
Rail, Yellow
Raven, Chihuahuan
Raven, Common
Roadrunner, Greater
Robin, American*
Roller, Lilac-breasted
Roller, Rufous-crowned
Sandpiper, Baird's
Sandpiper, Buff-breasted
Sandpiper, Least
Sandpiper, Pectoral
Sandpiper, Semipalmated
Sandpiper, Solitary
Sandpiper, Spotted*
Sandpiper, Stilt*
Sandpiper, Upland*
Sandpiper, Western
Sandpiper, White-rumped
Sapsucker, Red-naped
Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied
Scaup, Lesser
Screech-Owl, Eastern*
Shag, Blue-eyed
Shearwater, Greater
Sheathbill, Snowy*
Shoveler, Northern
Shrike, Loggerhead*
Siskin, Pine
Skimmer, Black
Skua, Subantarctic*
Snipe, Common
Solitaire, Townsend's
Sparrow, American Tree
Sparrow, Black-throated
Sparrow, Chipping*
Sparrow, Eurasian Tree
Sparrow, Field*
Sparrow, Fox
Sparrow, Grasshopper*
Sparrow, Henslow's
Sparrow, House*
Sparrow, Lark
Sparrow, Lincoln's
Sparrow, Olive
Sparrow, Savannah
Sparrow, Song*
Sparrow, White-crowned
Sparrow, White-throated
Spoonbill, Roseate
Starling, European
Stilt, Black-necked*
Stork, Wood*
Swallow, Barn*
Swallow, Cliff*
Swallow, Tree*
Swallow, Violet-green*
Swan, Mute*
Swan, Trumpeter
Swan, Tundra
Swift, Chimney*
Tanager, Scarlet*
Tanager, Summer*
Tanager, Western
Teal, Blue-winged*
Teal, Cinnamon
Teal, Green-winged
Tern, Arctic
Tern, Black
Tern, Forster's
Tern, Least*
Tern, Royal
Tern, Sandwich
Thrasher, Brown*
Thrasher, Curve-billed
Thrasher, Long-billed
Thrasher, Sage
Thrush, Wood*
Titmouse, Black-crested
Titmouse, Tufted*
Towhee, Eastern
Towhee, Green-tailed
Turkey, Wild*
Turnstone, Ruddy
Vireo, Bell's*
Vireo, Red-eyed*
Vireo, White-eyed*
Vireo, Yellow-throated*
Vulture, Black*
Vulture, King
Vulture, Turkey*
Waders, Group of
Warbler, Black-throated Blue
Warbler, Black-throated Green
Warbler, Cape May
Warbler, Chestnut-sided*
Warbler, Hooded*
Warbler, Kentucky*
Warbler, Palm
Warbler, Pine
Warbler, Prairie*
Warbler, Prothonotary*
Warbler, Tennessee
Warbler, Wilson's
Warbler, Worm-eating*
Warbler, Yellow
Warbler, Yellow-rumped
Waterfowl, Group of
Waterthrush, Lousiana*
Waxwing, Cedar*
Whistiling-Duck, Black-bellied
Whistling-Duck, Fulvous
Wigeon, American
Woodcock, American*
Woodpecker, Acorn
Woodpecker, Downy*
Woodpecker, Gila*
Woodpecker, Golden-fronted
Woodpecker, Hairy*
Woodpecker, Ladder-backed
Woodpecker, Pileated*
Woodpecker, Red-bellied*
Woodpecker, Red-headed*
Woodpecker, White-headed
Wood-Pewee, Eastern
Wren, Bewick's*
Wren, Cactus*
Wren, Carolina*
Wren, House*
Wren, Marsh
Wren, Rock*
Yellowlegs, Greater
Yellowlegs, Lesser
Yellowthroat, Common*

Bluet, Azure
Bluet, Familiar
Bluet, Orange
Dancer, Seepage
Dancer, Springwater
Forktail, Citrine
Forktail, Eastern
Forktail, Fragile
Forktail, Rambur's
Jewewing, Ebony
Rubyspot, American
Rubyspot, Smoky
Spreadwing, Amber-winged
Spreadwing, Slender
Spreadwing, Sweetflag

Amberwing, Eastern
Baskettail, Prince
Baskettail, Slender
Clubtail, Cobra
Clubtail, Eastern Least
Clubtail, Jade
Clubtail, Lancet
Clubtail, Plains
Clubtail, Russet-tipped
Clubtail, Unicorn
Corporal, Blue
Cruiser, Illinois River
Cruiser, Royal River
Cruiser, Stream
Darner, Comet
Darner, Common Green
Darner, Cyrano
Darner, Fawn
Darner, Lance-tipped
Darner, Springtime
Darner, Swamp
Dasher, Blue
Emerald, Clamp-tipped
Emerald, Hine's
Emerald, Mocha
Emerald, Ozark
Glider, Spot-winged
Glider, Wandering
Meadowhawk, Autumn
Meadowhawk, Band-winged
Meadowhawk, Blue-faced
Meadowhawk, Cherry-faced
Meadowhawk, Ruby
Meadowhawk, Variegated
Meadowhawk, White-faced
Pennant, Banded
Pennant, Calico
Pennant, Four-spotted
Pennant, Halloween
Pennant, Red-tailed
Petaltail, Gray
Pondhawk, Common
Ringtail, Eastern
Saddlebags, Black
Saddlebags, Carolina
Sanddragon, Common
Skimmer, Great Blue
Skimmer, Golden-winged
Skimmer, Painted
Skimmer, Roseate
Skimmer, Slaty
Skimmer, Spangled
Skimmer, Twelve-spotted
Skimmer, Widow
Skimmer, Yellow-sided
Snaketail, Westfall's
Spiketail, Arrowhead
Spinyleg, Black-shouldered
Spinyleg, Flag-tailed
Whitetail, Common

Abstracts in nature - Patterns & designs, colors & textures found in nature
Agriculture - Large files on farming in Midwest including soybeans, corn, & wheat. Photos of planting, harvest, fields, farms, & rural landscapes. Also potato harvest in ID & tobacco farms in KY
Barns & covered bridges - Good selection including panoramic images of old barns & covered bridges in different seasons. IL, IN, ND, WI
Firefighting - Firefighters at fires using different types of apparatus, trucks, & equipment. Controlled-burns on prairie fires.
Furniture - Impressive coverage of Shaker furniture. Close-ups of chairs, seed boxes, tools, & baskets. Rooms of furniture. Buildings.
Gardens - Large files of flowers including annuals, biennials, perennials, & ornamental grasses captioned with common & scientific names. Bird & butterfly gardening. Plant combinations, container gardening, seasonal displays. Colorful birds & butterflies on flowers.
Horticulture - Extensive coverage of trees, shrubs, berries, prairie plants, wildflowers, annuals, perennials. All captioned with common & scientific names.
Illinois - Attractions, farming, scenics, landscapes, festivals, natural areas, state parks, historical sites, reenactments, monuments, capitol, Lincoln sites, wildlife, etc.
National Parks & Monuments - Scenics & highlights from: Arches, Blue Ridge Parkway, Canyonlands, Columbia River Gorge, Everglades, Grand Tetons, Great Smoky Mtn, Jefferson Memorial Expansion (Arch in St. Louis), Organ Pipe, Rocky Mtn, Saguaro, Tallgrass Prairie, Theodore Roosevelt, Vietnam Veteran Memorial, Yellowstone, & others.
Waterfalls - Seasonal photos of waterfalls in CO, IL, MI, MN, MO, OR, WV, & WY.
Weather - Sky, clouds, sunrise, sunset, twilight. Flood of 1993 along Mississippi River.

Insects & Spiders
Cicada, Dogday
Cicada, Prairie
Grasshopper, Rock-loving
Praying Mantis
Walkingstick, Giant
Wasp, Paper
Spider, Black & Yellow Argiope
Spider, Black Widow
Spider, Silver Argiope
Centipede, Giant
Land Snail, Cone-shaped

International Butterflies
Great Egg Fly
Longwing, Tiger
Magnificent Owl
Peacock Pansy
Postman, Red
Tailed Jay
Tree Nymph

Bat, Indiana
Bat, Rafinesque's big-eared
Bat, Red
Bear, Black
Bear, Grizzly
Bear, Polar
Chipmunk, Eastern
Chipmunk, Yellow-Pine
Cottontail, Eastern
Deer, Mule
Deer, White-tailed
Fox, Arctic
Fox, Red
Goat, Mountain
Hare, Arctic
Jack Rabbit, Black-tailed
Leopard, Black
Leopard, Snow
Lion, African
Lion, Mountain
Marmot, Hoary
Marmot, Yellow-bellied
Marten, Pine
Mouse, Golden
Opossum, Virginia
Otter, River
Peccary, Collared Javelina
Pipistrelle, Eastern
Prairie Dog, Black-tailed
Rabbit, Marsh
Seal, Harbor
Seal, Ringed
Sheep, Bighorn
Sheep, Dall
Skunk, Striped
Squirrel, Arizona Gray
Squirrel, Columbian Ground
Squirrel, Fox
Squirrel, Golden-mantled
Squirrel, Gray
Squirrel, Richardson's ground
Squirrel, Southern Flying
Squirrel, Thirteen-lined Ground
Tapir, Mountain
Tiger, Siberian
Weasel, Long-tailed
Whale, Humpback
Wolf, Gray
Woodrat, Eastern
Mammal Research, & Rehab

North American Butterflies (* Includes Larva, Chrysalis, or Cocoon)
Admiral, Red
Azure, Spring
Blue, Ceraunus
Blue, Reakirt's
Broken-Dash, Northern
Broken-Dash, Southern
Brown, Appalachian
Buckeye, Common*
Butterflies, Group of
Butterfly Gardening
Butterfly Watching
Checkered-Skipper, Common
Checkerspot, Elada
Checkerspot, Silvery
Comma, Eastern
Copper, Bronze
Copper, Gray
Crescent, Pearl
Crescent, Texan
Dogface, Southern
Duskywing, Funereal
Duskywing, Horace's
Duskywing, Wild Indigo
Empress Leilia
Emperor, Hackberry
Emperor, Tawny
Fritillary, Great Spangled
Fritillary, Gulf*
Fritillary, Regal
Fritillary, Variegated*
Glassywing, Little
Hairstreak, Banded
Hairstreak, Coral
Hairstreak, Gray
Hairstreak, Hickory
Lady, American
Lady, Painted
Longtail, Brown
Metalmark, Fatal
Mourning Cloak
Orange, Sleepy
Orangetip, Falcate
Peacock, White
Pearly-eye, Northern
Question Mark
Red-spotted Purple
Satyr, Gemmed
Scallopwing, Hayhurst's
Scrub-Hairstreak, Mallow
Skipper, Delaware
Skipper, Dukes'
Skipper, Dun
Skipper, Eufala
Skipper, Fiery
Skipper, Least
Skipper, Long-tailed
Skipper, Ocola
Skipper, Peck's
Skipper, Sachem
Skipper, Sickle-winged
Skipper, Silver-spotted
Skipper, Swarthy
Skipper, Tawny-edged
Skipper, Zabulon
Snout, American
Sootywing, Common
Sulphur, Clouded
Sulphur, Cloudless
Sulphur, Dainty
Sulphur, Large Orange
Sulphur, Lyside
Sulphur, Orange
Swallowtail, Black*
Swallowtail, Eastern Tiger
Swallowtail, Giant*
Swallowtail, Pipevine*
Swallowtail, Spicebush*
Swallowtail, Zebra
Tailed-Blue, Eastern
Tortoiseshell, Milbert's
White, Cabbage*
White, Checkered
White, Great Southern
White-Skipper, Laviana
Wood Nymph, Common
Wood-Satyr, Little
Yellow, Little

North American Moths (* Includes Larva, Chrysalis, or Cocoon)
Moth, Cecropia
Moth, Hummingbird*
Moth, Imperial
Moth, Io*
Moth, Luna
Moth, Polyphemus
Moth, Promethea
Moth, Regal
Moth, Saddleback*
Moth, Tomato Hornworm*
Sphinx, Elm
Sphinx, Pandora*
Sphinx, White-lined
Tent Caterpillar, Eastern

Alligator, American
Coachwhip, Western
Kingsnake, Common
Kingsnake, Prairie
Lizard, Blue Spiny
Lizard, Eastern Fence
Rattlesnake, Timber
Rattlesnake, Western
Rattlesnake, Western Diamondback
Skink, Broad-headed
Skink, Five-lined
Skink, Ground
Slider, Red-eared
Snake, Common Garter
Snake, DeKay's brown
Snake, Diamondback Water
Snake, Eastern Hog-nosed
Snake, Eastern Ribbon
Snake, Green water
Snake, Massasauga
Snake, Mud
Snake, Northern water
Snake, Rat
Snake, Red milk
Snake, Red-bellied
Snake, Ring-necked
Snake, Smooth Earth
Snake, Texas Indigo
Snake, Western ribbon
Snake, Worm
Tortoise, Texas
Turtle, Alligator snapping
Turtle, Common box
Turtle, Common mud
Turtle, Common musk
Turtle, Florida Red-bellied
Turtle, Ornate box
Turtle, Painted
Turtle, Snapping


We also have a printable stock list (110KB PDF) you can download and print. See sample images in our photo gallery.